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About Us

Datamars is the parent company of Datamars Agri Ltd. Datamars makes and sells ID products for livestock, pets and textiles through sales and production facilities in Europe, the Americas and the Asia-Pacific region. Our mission is to provide identification products that create value for our customers through superior quality, continuous innovation and excellent service.

Pictco LID Identification

Livestock identification

Our livestock ID keeps track of animals for official identification purposes and helps farmers manage: Traceability, Disease control, Control of subsidies, Farm management and Asset Management.

companion animals id icon


We manufacture microchips that are implanted under the pet’s skin. It contains a unique ID number so lost animals can be reunited using Datamars’ “Petlink” and “PetMaxx” services.

Picto TID 2020


RFID tags are used to automatically identify and sort items during the washing process to improve efficiency. The main areas of application are professional clothing, sheets, dust control and private clothing.

Present in 97 countries
Identify 100 million animals/year
28% annual growth
Over 25 years of innovation

Global office locations

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